Rabu, 08 Oktober 2008

PR Assignment - CSR

  1. PT Telkom Indonesia


a. give fund for the small business.

b. give scholarship for the student.

c. help the victims of earth quack, etc.


a. to increase the economic system

b. makes children know about knowledge

c. Insignificant the suffering.


a. small business become develop

b. children know about knowledge

c. the victims can survive.

  1. Bank Indonesia


    1. 24 July 2006 : “Desa Kita” program
    2. 7 July 2006 : collect fund for social action like help Yogya victims.
    3. 1 March 2006 : Road show for Result of Bank Indonesia Research
    4. 10 February 2006 : give help for the victims in Banjarnegara
    5. 11 August 2005 : “Adopsi Pohon” program


a. to clean the village.

b. insignificant the suffering

c. to know about the problem

d. to guide the Indonesia tree.


a. the village become clear and free from the year calamity

b. the victims can survive

c. the corporation can know about the problem they have

d. the tree can grow.

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