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General English - Television Big Effect

Television Big Effect

Now days, television become one of so many factors that can influence the people behaviour. It can be like that because people always choose use their rest time to watch television than do something else. That reason makes television take big effect for the people now. The effect can be positive also negative. The effects are television make people less active, make people more violent, give people broader window on the world, and reduce stress.

The first effect is television makes people less active. We just take sit when we watch the television without do something else that can make our brain and our body work and move on. It can make our mental and also our physical unhealthy. The example is when we watch the sport program; we just see the people move their body and do not do what the people on television do. It can make our mental laziness also our physical because we not do something with our body and brain.

The second effect is making people more violent. As we know, television always gives news and film with violence as a priority. That makes people especially children follow that film and do the violent too. A child that does not understand if the violence action on the film is not true become people who do the act at the film. It also makes the people with violence character when they face people in society. That can make the children mental become worse.

The third effect is give people broader windows on the world. That is a positive effect from the television. We can see what the greatest news on the world from television than make us know how the characteristic from the people around the world also their culture. That effect not only for the adult but also for the children. They can look the animals that they can not see on their country and also they can look the nature of the other country. They can know much about their country and the other country. The nature that the children see can stimulate their brain to remember what kind of the animals. It can be happen because when the people see a thing they can remember fast than if they just listen from the other people.

The last effect is reducing stress. A long day people face the different condition from their activity. It can make them feel so stress. People who stress did not want to do something hard. They will seek the things that can entertain them. Television usually becomes a thing to entertain them from the stress. The reason is because television very near with them and does not need too much energy to reach.

Television is just a tool that design to entertain and make people know about the news on the word. The effect that television show is can be positive and also negative. That is depending on the people that see, how the people can solve the effect that show from television.

Source : www.mylot.com. 28 June 2008. 11.00.

By : Rinda Permata Sari

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