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Advertising Management

Advertising Strategy

  1. Account Handling : Meiling

Position : Account Executive

Role and Responsibilities :

1. Developed from merely taking instructions from the client to advising the client company on the ways in which a product can be branded and positioned in the market place.

2. Contact all clients to establish the board requirements of the client and to ensure that the various internal departments are brief to come up with a solution.

  1. Creative Department : Devi Halim

Position : Creative Director

Role and Responsibilities :

To communicate what the message of the brand to the public so that the audience can understand with what the brand want to say with the creative ways like picture, music, or copy writing.

  1. Media Department : Rinda Permata Sari

Position : Media Planner

Role and Responsibilities :

Researching, planning and buying space and air-time also make a schedule when the advertisement spread and choose the media that want to use.

  1. Production Department : Sella

Position : Production Manager

Role and Responsibilities :

Ensure that the advertisement and commercial are ready to appear on the right page, on the right day, or in the right slot at the right time in the day’s viewing.

  1. Research Department : Rinda Permata Sari

Position : Research Manager

Role and Responsibilities :

Make a report that used to know how far that the target audience aware and interest with the brand.

Campaign Strategy

Product: Shoes Brand : Cross

Promotional Mix :

Ø Advertising: Advertising can reach many people. So, we can reach our target audience by using advertising.

Ø Sales promotion: People almost like gift. So, we serve them by giving gift if they buy our product.

Ø Public Relation: the activity that we will do to support our launching is making an article about “Good shoes for using”. An make a press conference to tell details about our product.

By giving the fact in PR way, public will know more about good shoes, and our product.

Budget :

Sales promotion

Gifts (Rp 25.000 x 1000) = Rp 25.000.000

Member card (Rp 15.000 x 1000) = Rp 15.000.000

Rp 40.000.000

Media advertising

TV Commercial (Rp 15.000.000 x 10 x 8 x 2) = Rp 2.400.000.000

Magazine (Rp 6.000.000 x 24 x 4) = Rp 576.000.000

Rp 2.976.000.000


Public Relations

Place Rp 15.000.000

Lunch (Rp 50.000 x 20) = Rp 1.000.000

Transportation Rp 3.000.000

Print material Rp 7.500.000

Rp 26.500.000

Total Rp 3.042.500.000

Our product is only selling at our shop at some mall in Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. If the customer buys at our shop, they can get gift or discount for first two weeks and for 100 customers only.

We choose this way because we want give our customer the best serving when they go to buy the product. If we sell it on retailer or wholesaler, we can not guarantee they are taking best service.

Advertising Strategy :

Target Audience

Sex : Female

Age : 18 – 25 years old

SES : B, B+, A

Education : University

Occupation : Career woman, College Student, Housewife.

Residence : Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya

Advertising objective

- Launching our new product

- Gain public awareness & Interest

Creative Strategy


Physical : By using these shoes, you will look fashionable and comfort, because it doesn’t harm your foot.

Emotional : You can be more confident and feel like princes.

Rational : Our shoes are made by smooth material which exported from Paris. All the best is only for our customer’s foot.

Media Selection

Primary media = Magazine and tabloid

We choose magazine and tabloid because we want customer can see the details of our product. And they can see the different than the other product.

Secondary media= TVC

We choose TVC because it can reach a lot of people.

Media Schedule

































From our analysis, we believe that our strategy can gain awareness and interest of our target audience.

Our Advertising agency is a Full Service Advertising Agency.

Because we can get the specific data like what we want and also have a continuity until the finishing step.

3 Advantage using Celebrity:

- Fans of that celebrity has more chance for buy and use our product

- The Celebrity can help us to make an image

- Public can accept our product promotion better.

3 Disadvantage using Celebrity:

- Use Celebrity means spent much money

- Hard to suitable schedule for road show

Our advertising agency is full service, so we do not need any other type of advertising agency because all of what we need already include on it.


One Princess at her kingdom use blue dress. Long of Dress that the princess uses is only to knee. So, our shoe can look up. And there is a sparkling effect to give a glamour effect.


Scene 1 : A girl at her bad room

Scene 2 : That girl fined a box like treasure box, and she get the shoe.

Scene 3 : When she wearing that shoe, she become a princess

Scene 4 : The other girl at her office, look bad mood, and stress.

Scene 5 : Her ballpoint go down, when she want to get it up, she look box in gold

Scene 6 : She opens that box, and wears that shoe.

Scene 7 : Her office change to be a kingdom.

Scene 8 : 1st girl and 2nd girl meet and they say together.. “Cross is the right shoes for u and come to us and be a princess.”

10 stages to producing Television Commercial advertising:

1. Feasibility study

2. Initial approval

3. Appointment and role of the producer and the production assistant

4. Choosing the director, and detail costing

5. Detailed planning

6. Filming

7. Post - production editing

8. Approval

9. Repeat Showing

10. Despatch of commercial for transmission

Above The Line Media


Television : Rp 4.500.000.000

We choose television as a primary media because television can visualisation how strong that our shoes product and that can explain that our shoes product can make someone who wear that become more confidence also television can reach a huge of our target audience.


Magazine and tabloid : Rp 150.000.000

We choose magazine and tabloid because our target audience are young female. We believe that the young female very like to read any magazine and tabloid to look the up date fashion.

Radio : Rp 75.000.000

The young female really like to hear the radio and also the research from the scientist said that the people can do all things that they hear. Because of that, we are really believed that our target audience can remember our product.

Below The Line Media

Billboard : Rp 25.000.000

We choose billboard as our below the line media because billboard placed in the strategic place so our target audience can look many times even if they pass the same way.

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