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General English - Advertising


Toby Bond

By: Rinda Permata Sari


Word Count: 380

This leaflet is about promotion and publicity the new invention of lamp which can glowing in the dark and the lamp also can be chance electricity lamp. This leaflet also tell the public how they can order and how can they know about the product. In the leaflet, we can see that the product is limited edition.

People want to know and than get the product because that is a new invention in the history of lamp which has so many funcition. The funcitions such as chance electricity lamp, as a room decoration, and also can be a toy for the children. It’s product made from chemical material which not danger for children and also can’t be break if drudge. So, parents will feel calm when their children take it for a toy.

People can get to know the product when they feel want to know more information about this product every time. For access by internet people can get the information 24 hours but for access by phone they only can get the information at 08.00 a.m. until 05.00 p.m. The time for access by phone is shorter than access by internet because if the people access by phone, they can get all the information directly from the costumer operator but if they access by internet, they can get the information which available at that e-mail only.

People can access information about the company in the company e-mail or using the costumer service. The e-mail of company is newinvention@darkworld.com and the customer service is 021-93388373. The company also has a website. The website address is www.lighttheworld.co.id. The website address of the company didn’t show at the leaflet because this company want the people called or give them an e-mail about their new product and than they can know how successes their product in public and how can the product can take attention of the public.

The company is an old company which move on chemical industries and want to extend their company. The name of that company is PT Amegica Southern Chemical. They begin their company from distribute the raw material for chemical. The company is one of many famous company in the world.


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