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General English Assignment


Final Test Assignment

Toby Bond

By: Rinda Permata Sari



  1. Cover page 1
  2. Table Contents page 2
  3. Plan Table page 3
  4. Short Term Goals page 4
  5. Summarize about Public Relation page 5
  6. Summarize about Marketing page 6
  7. Summarize about Advertising page 7
  8. Summarize about Mass Communication page 9


Short Term

Medium Term

Long Term


· 75 % in all final exam

· read 1 book every week

· studied regularly

· get A mark in marketing and philosophy final exam

· read 10 books a month

· join in English course

· join in Spain course

· take advertising major

· make a thesis

· get good mark in thesis

· graduated on time

· can speak Spain fluently

Social - Economic

· save money in the bank

· buy a new hand phone

· meet all my friends

· make passport and visa

· have a part- time job

· make a big birthday party

· buy an ipod

· have a good job

· have a boy friend

· buy a house

· getting married


· visit Bali

· visit all malls in Jakarta

· visit Malaysia

· visit Asia

· have a child

· go to Europe


For short-term in academic, I have planned to get 75% minimum in every lessons. To get it, I will study hard and I will study long time before the examination begins. I will focus with the lesson which I don’t understand too much, and for marketing and philosophy lesson, I will try to understand accept the other lesson because I want to get A mark in that lesson. That is because marketing and philosophy lessons have many materials to reminder and not too many materials to understand. After the final examination, I will study regularly to understand every lesson which I was studied. I will buy a book every week exactly related with the lesson which I will study for the next time.

My first plan for short-term in social economic is save my money in bank because if I have an in sudden need I have a saving for that need. After I have been saving my money, I will buy a new hand phone because my hand phone was broke and must be chance. My hand phone also haven’t mp3 player so I can’t listen music from my hand phone and doesn’t have external memory that means I can’t save all my photos in my hand phone. Than, I will contact all my friends from junior high school until senior high school and make a small reunion party in a memorial place for us. In there we will talk about all the things that we have been past together, from the sad things until the happiness things for us. My last plan for short – term in social economic is make a passport because I want go to other country and I also make a visa to complete the urgent mail for enter the other country.

My other plan for short term is visit Bali for a week and has a wonderful holiday in there. I will join with domestic tour to go to Bali and spent my money to pay the tour services and to buy souvenir for my family and my friends. After I back to Bali, I will take a time to visit all big malls in Jakarta. I will buy all the things I need and all the tings I want. So, I must spent my money from now.


Public Relations purpose is how to build a good reputation and image of a company or someone. To make a good image and reputation of a company or someone, Public Relations person must know all the things about the company or someone. Public Relations person also need to understand behaviour the public because Public Relations have public target to control everything that people do and because everybody doesn’t react with the same way to an event.

The important of Public Relations activities are analyzing trends, consequence prediction, counseling, implementation, and make organizational and public interest. Public Relations transfer processes are to turn a negative situation into a positive one, working to educate and get people to understand the value of a certain product or a certain course of action, to reduce the impact of an unfortunate happening, and to remind or to reinforce an attitude. Public Relations also related with propaganda. It has three types of propaganda. They are white propaganda which give an accurate information, grey propaganda which the information is uncertain, and than black propaganda which the information is totally false.

Public Relations have differences with marketing and advertising. Marketing and advertising are focused on selling a product other wise Public Relations is help to generate favourable attitude that lead to sale.

Public Relations must has a strategic and tactic to win the target in public. Public Relations also make segmentation to positioning and targeting the audience. The things that Public Relations must know in segmentation are social grade, demographic, geographic, and geodemographic. In doing the segmentation, Public Relations must fill the segmentation criteria. They are can be measured, substantial, can be reached, distinct, and actionable.


Marketing is a bridge between customer and company which has a responsible to identifying, anticipating, and satisfying customer requirements profitably. Marketing has environmental issues which know as STEEPLE which acronym from Social and cultural, Technological and product innovation, Economic and market conditions, Education, training, and employment, Political, Legal, and Environmental protection. Marketing also has two types of information system. They are management information system and marketing information system. Marketing need this types of information because in the organization to set up system to obtain and communicate information to the customer.

Marketing has three types of planning. They are long term plans, medium term plans, and short term plans. Long term plans has a time between 10 years until 100 years, medium term plans has a time between 3 years until 10 years, and short term plans has a time between 1 year until 3 years. Marketing has objectives. They are quality and quantity. The different is quality can’t be measure by number and quantity can be measure by number. The other objective in marketing is SMART objective. SMART is acronym from specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timed. Marketing also know two types of management. The one is management by objectives and the other is management by exception.

Marketer must know about customer and consumer behavior because the product which the marketer sold will be buying by customer and consumer. In the other side, consumer has 4 rights which give by consumerism. The rights are to safety, to choose, to be informed, and to be heard. Marketing has two types of decision making units (DMU). They are consumer DMU which including starter, purchaser, advisor, decider, end user, and finance and the other is industrial DMU which including buyer, advisor, decider, gatekeeper, end user, and starter.

To reach the purpose, that has constrains in marketing research. The constrains are cost, accuracy, time, and safety. There are 4 types of research. They are market research, competitor research, promotional research, and retail audits. To do the research, marketer must do secondary and than primary research. It is because in secondary research data was collected but in primary research the marketer must seek by himself.


In advertising, we learn about background of advertising. Start from the right in public until the functions of the department in advertising agencies. The rights in the public which related with advertising are about product, price, place, and promotion. The right product must satisfy what the customer needs, the right price must reasonable with the product selling, the right place must think about consideration with convenient, image, competitor and habit, the last is the right promotion which used to giving information with the objectives to interest the consumer to use that product. The basic objectives of good advertising are attention, conviction, interest, desire, and action.

Advertising also related with the promotional mix. The elements of promotional mix are public relations, media advertising, sales promotion, direct promotion, and personal selling. Each elements in promotional mix has strange and weakness and promotional mix has own characteristic and can be used for different type in communication.

To make an advertisement, the advertiser must understand about the customer and consumer. To understand the customer and consumer, the advertiser must do segmentation of the audience and than do a research about the product in their audience. After they have a result from the research, they must evaluating the data which they already get, make a positioning, and than do branding.

That is 2 types of advertising campaign. They are trade advertising which have a purpose to exchange the product to the seller and the other is consumer advertising. Consumer advertising has 7 types of advertising. They are generic advertising, product advertising, brand advertising, range advertising, corporate advertising, retail advertising, and co-operative advertising. There are 5 specialist form of advertising. They are business advertising, industrial and technical advertising, recruitment advertising, financial advertising, and general business advertising

. In advertising business has 3 main player. They are client/ manufacture, advertising agency, and mass media. To make an advertising, advertising agencies must do advertising panning. The advertising planning is research, concept development, production, media buying, and evaluation. There are 5 types of advertising agencies. They are full service advertising agencies, ‘A la carte’ agencies, freelance designers and copywriters, media independents, specialist media agencies, and recruitment advertising agencies. In advertising agencies, there are 6 department. They are managing director, research department, account handling, creative department, production department and media department. Every department has different function and responsible.


In mass communication, we learn about models of communication and theory of media. Mass communication has 4 models of communication. They are:

· Transmission model. This model only transmits a massage and only one way communication. So, this model doesn’t need feedback. Example: news, advertisement about drugs, electricity, etc.

· Ritual or expressive model. This model makes the advertisement follow by the culture in a country. Example: HSBC advertisement which show that the western people can follow with Japanese culture.

· Publicity model. This model just wants to introduce a product and makes consideration in public. Example: Cigarettes Company makes a big advertisement to introduce their new product.

· Reception model. This model transmits massage than want take a feedback from public. To get the feedback, the company usually supplies customer service.

Mass communication also told about theory of media. There are 4 main theory of media. They are:

· Power. This theory said that the powerful company or organization can do anything in advertisement. Example: Cigarette Company and government.

· Social integration and identity. This theory blurs all opinion which has in public.

· Social change and development. This theory said that media will be changing same as the time. Example: news from newspaper change with internet.

· Space and time. This theory said that media is long lasting and all the things can documentary by media.

Every theory can have more than 1 model and every model can have 1 theory.

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